Without supply chain management to circulate vital materials and products the modern economy wouldn’t be possible. COVID-19, however, is disrupting the supply chain industry and forcing it to operate under unprecedented and challenging conditions. The effects have rippled across the entire global economy, reduced manufacturing, created cargo backlog at major ports, and led to materials and components shortages which have in turn led to a notable drop in long haul trucking. The pressure to act fast has prompted supply chain companies to rapidly adopt new safety measures.

Both necessary and radically transformative, these new COVID-19 safety measures are reshaping driver behavior, standard operational protocols, and opinions on which technological tools should be deemed vital. By interfering with transport routes, lockdowns and restricted travel areas, for example, have created conditions that heighten the value of geofencing in route optimization to avoid virus-affected areas. Another example is found in the practice of social distancing which has made contactless delivery from part of the “new normal.”

Nobody understands the effects of COVID-19 on fleet operations better than those experiencing it first hand. That’s why we at James Brehm & Associates need your input. We are conducting a study to understand the impact of COVID-19 on fleet operations and we want to hear your side of things. How has COVID-19 affected your drivers and fleet managers? How is your company adapting fleet management operations and priorities?

Respondents that complete the survey may participate in a drawing to receive one of several $200 gift cards.

The following survey should take less than 5 minutes, and your responses are confidential. You can only take the survey once. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) require a response.

Complete the survey here: https://bit.ly/CovidImpactFleetOps

If you have any questions about the survey, please email info@jbrehm.com

We really appreciate your input!

Please forward this to any personnel in your company involved in fleet operations.

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