James Brehm & Associates Is An Internet Of Things (IoT) Strategy Acceleration Firm.

James Brehm & Associates is a consulting and market intelligence firm providing project based and retained strategic advisory services to technology companies worldwide. Our value proposition is to help companies generate, evaluate,and implement growth strategies. We provide a range of syndicated market insights, vertical analysis, forecasts, reports, and surveys, custom market research and consulting, partner strategy work, and marketing support deliverables (message testing, webinars, white papers) to help clients expand their targeted marketing reach.

With a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Operational Analytics, James Brehm & Associates provides actionable insight and direction to a wide range of organizations including Communication Service Providers, Satellite Operators, MVNOs, MSOs, Hardware Manufacturers, Software Vendors,OEMs, Tower Operators, Technology Investors, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Investment Banks, and Venture Capital Firms.

The foundation of our research and advisory services is based on our primary research data, which informs the advice and recommendations we give to clients. Using this data allows us to develop market segmentation models, by vertical application (or use cases), that provide our clients a deep understanding of what’s really going on in IoT. To validate both our numbers and our understanding of the market, we speak to over 300 IoT ecosystem participants each quarter, giving us a solid view as to the current state of the market.

Clients engaged with James Brehm & Associates have the benefits of real insights into the IoT market with data to back it up.

Our Team

James Brehm

Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist

Carl Ford

Community Developer and Consultant

Todd Day

Strategy Consultant

Yasmine Alexa Rojas

Research Specialist

Andy Castonguay

Vice President Strategic Intelligence

Our Advisors & Contractors


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    Who We Serve

    With a firm focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Transformation, we provide actionable insight and definitive direction to organizations from startups to established companies:

    Communication Service Providers

    Hardware Manufacturers

    Software Vendors

    OEMs and ODMs

    Financial Service Organizations

    Enterprise & Industrial IOT Organizations

    How We Support Our Clients

    Tier 1 Mobile Operator
    Tier 1 Insurance / Financial Services Provider
    Private Equity Partners
    Mobile Resource Management Market Leader
    European Company Entering U.S. Market
    Italy-Based IoT Solution Provider

    Representative Customers

    How we helped a leading equipment manufacturer gain 5G visibility

    Client Background – The client is one of top network equipment manufacturers in the world.

    • Research Problem – Gain competitive intelligence about new and emerging business-to-business solutions utilizing 5G.
    • Technology, Industry and Target Geography – 5G, All Industries, Global
    • Custom Research Solution – We provided in-depth data analysis covering company-wise, region-wise and product segment wise information to assist the customer take strategic decisions.
    • Additional Project Services – We made introductions to a select group of companies. We then moderated a web-based panel discussion targeted to thousands of decision makers from hundreds of wireless service providers around the world.

    Impact – As a result of the project, the NEM was able to drive awareness, generate hundreds of new leads, leading to multiple deployments and measurable revenue gains.

    How we helped a leading consumer electronics company enter IoT

    Client Background – The client is one of Asia’s largest automotive in-dash consumer electronics manufacturers.

    • Research Problem – Identify key target segments, potential partnerships, and product functionality for IoT / connected-vehicle market entry.
    • Industry and Target Geography – Connected Vehicle, United States
    • Custom Research Solutions – We helped the customer identify the most opportunistic product segment in the target market by providing them with full customized and In-depth data. We also conducted a high-volume end user survey and completed detailed discussions with members of the ecosystem. This helped them make vendor-partner selections, market entry decisions and tweak their product offering for the target market.