Market Size/Share/Forecast and Vertical Segmentation

To determine market size and share and to forecast future growth, the team at James Brehm & Associates has
developed a very detailed market tracker.

To gather the data inputs, we use a combination of primary and secondary research, supported by end-user surveys
and technology availability analysis. It is a similar process that we use in many of our custom research projects.

Our team interviews hundreds of ecosystem participants each quarter, holding detailed discussions on topics such as
sales pipelines, deal flow, channel adoption, partner share, R&D and future outlook, and many more. We also add
inputs from secondary research and end-user surveys.

Secondary information is regularly gleaned from public disclosures from reported financials & SEC filings for public
companies, Investor Relations / Analyst Relations discussions, news releases, RSS feeds, LinkedIn and other social
media groups, conference / trade show presentations and statements, patent filings, and other sources.

James Brehm & Associates conducts regular end-user analysis. To gather the data, we have our own database as well
as partnerships with several conferences and industry organizations to supplement our contacts.

Using this data allows us to develop market segmentation models, by vertical application (or usecases), that provide
our clients a deep understanding of what’s really going on in IoT.

Market size can be given in volume or value (number of devices/products/services sold or value of products). Market
share is the proportion (usually percent) of the total market held by each participating company in the space and can
be used over time to show trajectory of the market and of each company.